Saolomea, Saolomea!
By Anisia Uzeyman
Not a Cult Publishers (Forthcoming 2021)

Rwandan-American Filmmaker Anisia Uzeyman’s screenplay
as poetry as prose.

A mentally challenged mother and her young son navigate their way through tumultuous waters to survive the ordained gods of a city of angels.

Envisioned as a social thriller, narrated by the protagonists of a ragtag world, where The Spirits are real humans and humans are spirits fighting to survive.

SAOLOMEA, SAOLOMEA is the story of who these ‘ Spirits’ are that one would call ‘monsters’, ‘creatures’ etc... but really are more like Gods; and how they handle a single mother working to outlive the reality of worlds in deadly competition.

NORA SAOLOMEA is one of these women that you notice sitting or dancing on the sidewalk of a city like Los Angeles. To random people she’s talking to someone invisible. To us, she’s a medium. Her body is the sanctuary of a trans-reality. 

The story structure follows the unexpected movements of NORA’s life and experience within these worlds, unfolding as it happens from her perception - to the rhythm of her heart-beat, transcending its desire to break, for the love of her son AARON.   

AARON is the little boy, navigating on his mother’s back through tumultuous waters. He has the innocence that allows him to share his mother’s experience without prejudice.

This story is inspired by mothers like Bessie Head, Naomi Ginsberg, Maxine Quaye, Sarah France Jones, and Matilda Andrades, who all gave miraculous birth to sensitive men.