"More than other offerings, A Garden Story speaks top the gardener's reason for being." The Christian Science Monitor

"Whiteson elegantly turns the transformation of his backyard into metaphor and memoir, seamlessly enhanced by his newly acquired gardening love. One of those rare books about gardening that encourages rather than intimidates." Kirkus Reviews

"In [Whiteson's] case both life and garden are eccentric, colorful, and full of fascination for the reader, even perhaps for one indifferent to gardening." The San Francisco Chronicle

"Nongardeners can appreciate this book, and gardeners will be delighted by it." Publishers Weekly

"A Garden Story is a tribute to both the experimental nature of gardening and of life…Leon Whiteson's garden lingers in the mind because it grew from the heart. His "garden story" is emotional, immediate, and rich." Susan Heeger, Los Angeles Times

"What a piece! I read it once for the story and once for the gardening." Peter Grubbauer, Landscape Architect